Is Canada Too Expensive? Try Mexico Real Estate

Have you been thinking that Canada is getting too expensive? For real estate, for day to day living, for taxes? So do many other people – in fact, Canada’s tourist numbers have been dropping for this reason lately. For those who need their savings to stretch a little further, Mexico real estate presents a continuously more attractive option for inexpensive living, and especially with cheap Mexico beachfront real estate available in up-and-coming regions. The possibilities are attractive both for retirement and other reasons.

No one needs to be convinced that the cost of life is high in Canada – real estate prices are at all time high of with an average for homes over $450,000, and prices for everything else just seems to be going up as well. While the high international value of the Canadian dollar brought some hopes of lower prices, experts say that this will take a long time to have any effects, and may not bring the results hoped; a smaller market and higher general importation costs will not allow importers to deliver products in the same vast quantities or low prices as to the U.S.

With the Canadian dollar high, the high prices are even more noticeable for those from other countries. During the period from 2002 and 2008, Canada has declined 15% in tourism, compared to a 30% growth internationally, which represents a drop to 14th place in the world. The drop has occurred mostly in U.S. visitors, who are the vast majority of visitors; in 2009 there were about 12,000,000 U.S. visitors to Canada out of a total of 16,000,000. Studies show that Canada is still well-loved, but people just don’t feel they can afford it – sound familiar?

But there is good news in all of this for many Canadians. The strong Canadian dollar, now at par with the U.S, has made real estate and the cost of living even more accessible abroad; and among the choices Mexico shines out from the rest.

Mexico has very well developed infrastructure, both in terms of transportation (it is currently #1 in the world for the most new highway projects), excellent health care for prices much more accessible than in the U.S. and without the waiting lines in Canada, and activities; tourism activities, such as golf, ecoparks and marinas play an important part of lifestyle for Canadians and Americans living here, and Mexico’s many celebrations and cultural events make life interesting for those who have chosen a Mexico retirement, or simply a new life in a year-round warm climate. Mexico is also close to home, with a 4 hour flight usually getting you from most places in Mexico to most places in Canada.

And how much does it cost to make Mexico your new home? Consider this; a lot with 20 m of beachfront in the state of Campeche (on the Yucatan Pesinsula) goes for $64,900 U.S. – and now you pay the same, since the Canadian dollar is on par – and for about $100,000 more you can have a high quality beachfront home built. Campeche is an up-and-coming tourism area and offers more and more activities and conveniences; it already has a Walmart supercenter (like the American ones that sell everything, including a full range of groceries), several large Mexican stores of a similar style with prices considerably lower than what you’re used to (especially now with the dollar at par with the U.S), up to date health care, and a beautifully restored colonial city, and two world-class golf courses on the way.

This is only one example of a place where you can live in Mexico at a much more affordable price. If Canada is starting to seem expensive, consider Mexico real estate.